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Something to Read: Free Short Stories in Danish

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After finishing the Danish tree, I've been looking for something fairly easy to read to build vocabulary while getting used to the verb forms and native-sounding sentence structure. I've found a pretty good website that offers a number of short stories (1-4 pages in length) in different genres meant for Danish kids between 7 and 10 years old. There is even a short adventure novel about a Viking boy available.

A good amount of the vocabulary used in many of the stories is taught in the Duo course, so even those of us with a more-or-less Duo vocabulary can follow along quite well! It's a free site, you don't have to join anything or log in anywhere.

Here it is: http://gratishistorier.skysite.dk/?side=49024

Happy reading! (and don't be put off by the unicorn on the start page!)

2 years ago


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Today I tried this link, but it does not seem to work anymore. However, if you type 'gratis historier' in your browser, you get a whole lot of suggestions for all kinds of free stories. Even 'gyserhistorier' :))

7 months ago


Thanks for the info, Larry!

2 years ago


Hey, thanks a lot! :0)

1 year ago