"Én iszom meg a sörödet, nem te."

Translation:I am drinking your beer, not you.

September 10, 2016

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And with this sentence I finish my course. Thank you DuoLingo you helped a lot!


I salute you!

It can't have been easy to make it through the Hungarian course with its tortorous sentences and interesting English!


The progressive "I am drinking" seems inappropriate for megiszom ("I will drink" seems a lot better.)


How would using "megiszom" to say "I will drink" differ from using forms of "fogni"? (I think I mean "Enni fogok" or "Enni fogom" in this case - I'm basing my example on the discussion here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18788254/The-future)


I think this is actually pretty similar to English (and to be honest, a lot of languages where the present tense can also serve as a future tense.)

If somebody says, "Hey, I'm not going to show up tonight" then I can say "OK, then I'm drinking your beer." And this pretty clearly means that I am going to drink it in the future, not that I'm doing it right now. Of course, I could also say "Then I am going to drink your beer", it just seems a little more wordy.

I think it's about the same with the two options - megiszom a sörödet or meg fogom inni a sörödet - in Hungarian. There's a little shade of difference in the emphasis, I think, but not any significant difference in meaning or tone.


I would've thought that the past simple would be better with megiszom...because the meg implies you drank it all, so that would be the past tense not the present or future... I drank your beer...


And now that I have finally battled through this whole course, I feel like I deserve a beer too. I know I've only just scratched the surface of this deep and beautiful language, but I have the tools to explore it now. Köszönöm szépen to all those who''ve helped me get this far. :)


További sok sikert kívánok! Idd meg azt a sört már.


------- you sound like a new yorker: drink up your beer already ! . . .

Big 22 jan 19


Haha, but what about the little girl?


If you start with this sentence in a pub in the countryside, you must be brave and strong.


Most én vagyok a kapitány


Well. If we can't find our beer, then it only makes sense that I'm going to drink yours! ;)


i m also almost done...thanks to the duolingo volunteer staff!! thanks for your patience, generosity, in sharing your knowledge with us!!

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