"Milyenek azok az új bankok?"

Translation:What are those new banks like?

September 10, 2016

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In colloquial English, this is also rendered as "How are those new banks?"


Why is the definite article used here? Is 'Milyenek azok uj bankok' also correct? I can't imagine an equivalent in english where we use "those" with an article.


In English we don't, but in Hungarian we always do. The words for this / that / these / those are always joined to their noun with a definite article.

a bank - the bank
az a bank - that bank
ez a bank - this bank
azok az új bankok - those new banks
ezek a csunya szovjet bankok - these ugly soviet banks

and so on.


thanks, good to know


Not related to this sentence, but I wanted to express my gratitude that we have the human voice back! : )

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