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When to use Heel/veel/hele/vele/zeer??

1 year ago


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A side-note: heel can be combined with veel to make it 'very much/many' (heel in this combination makes it even stronger).

Heel has different meanings. It can be used to say something is 'heel', or in other words, not-broken or repaired (X is weer heel).

It can also be used to make something stronger, i.e. 'Dat is lekker' = that is tasty, 'Dat is heel lekker' = that is delicious (or: very tasty).

The word can also be used to indicate an entirity of it, i.e. 'Heel Frankrijk' (lit. whole France), 'Heel Nederland bakt' (All of the Netherland bakes), etc.

Veel indicates there is much or many of it. 'Veel sterkte' = literally: 'Much strongness', but the expression means 'Get well/I hope for you!, or the literally Dutch one : 'I will thumb for you'. :D

Bit confusing, but anyways. It thus indicates that it is not just something, but A LOT of it.

Hele is the same as 'heel', but used for a group, like in 'De hele mensheid' (The whole humanity).

Vele: see above. It is the same as 'veel', but used for a group.

Zeer : Bit more formal/poetic/literary, but used nonetheless in everyday conversation. It means the same as 'heel'. Caution though! 'Zeer' can be used to say something hurts as well, like in 'Dat doet zeer' = that does hurt).

1 year ago


Misschien is het handig om te vertellen dat "Ik duim voor je." prima te vertalen is naar "I've got my fingers crossed for you.". Verder prachtige uitleg.

1 year ago

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Ik zie "ik duim voor je" als een grote "thumbs up voor success!" hehe

Maar het is totaal een nieuwe uitdrukking voor mij.

1 year ago


'I will thumb for you' sounds really dirty.

1 year ago

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"Ik zal voor je duimen" is een hele lieve uitdrukking in het Nederlands.

1 year ago