"This coffee is weak."

Translation:הקפה הזה חלש.

September 10, 2016

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So "coffee" is masculine??


Is "קפה" both singular and plural?


Coffee has no plural in Hebrew... I want two coffees is Ani rotsa shnei qafe.


I'd say, better would be to say שתי כוסות קפה /shtey kosot kafe/ "two cups of coffee". Another wat of saying it is פעמיים קפה /pa'amayim kafe/, literally "twice coffee".

I am sure people also say שני קפה, but considering that קפה doesn't have plural, it's not technically correct. Of course, that doesn't stop the natives to say that as well, but it is also good to point out the correct way of saying it.


does this mean weak in flavor or physically weak (as in bad at fighting). I thought it was physically weak but in this context it sounds like it is talking more about having a weak taste or being bland. Which is it or is it both?


Ha-qafe haze khalash.

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