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  5. "Το πουκάμισο σου"

"Το πουκάμισο σου"

Translation:Your shirt

September 10, 2016



In a possessive structure like this, (noun)+(μου/σου/etc), if the noun is stressed in the third syllable counting from the end of the word, we also put an accent mark in the last syllable and pronounce both accents. So we have: το πουκάμισό σου, το φόρεμά της, το κοτόπουλό μας etc. In the last four syllables of the phrase the voice goes ...-up-down-up-down (like saying "very silly") and the main stress is the second one. (Reported it)


You're right, but due to technical problems we can't add two accent marks in the basic sentence. We have added it as alternative.


Her pronunciation is wrong too :/


For some reason there are here and there greek words thatvhave no recording in this software. Πουκάμισο is one of them


when I need to hear, outside duolingo, I use google translator, which gives the sound... <3


Actually, when there's a possesive pronoun there is double punctuation. That means, the word πουκάμισο is pointed twice: Το πουκάμισό σου

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