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  5. "Czekam na samolot."

"Czekam na samolot."

Translation:I am waiting for an airplane.

September 10, 2016



Why is 'waiting on the airplane,' incorrect?


I don't think "wait for airplane" and "wait on airplane" mean the same.


I used it in the context of physically waiting on board an aircraft, similarly to your previous example of waiting or being on a ship.


I think that would translate as "Czekam na samolocie." Not quite the same as, "Czekam na samolot."


So, I guess it's usage beyond what has been taught thus far. I still don't understand the difference between waiting aboard a ship, like previous example, and being aboard an airplane. [I was waiting on the airplane for a stewardess to begin offering something to drink.] Thanks.


czekam na samolot= I am waiting for the plane (wait for= czekać na + genitive

czekam w samolocie= I am waiting being aboard the airplane (samolot is a place you are inside= w +locative)

czekam na samolocie= I am waiting while being on the top of the airplane (na + locative)

it's different with ships

czekam na statek(genitive) = I am witing for the ship
czekam na statku(locative)= I am waiting being aboard the ship.


I'd also add that wait for takes the preposition "na." For example, "Czekam na ciebie," I'm waiting for you.


They can. Compare: I am waiting for the results. I am waiting on the results. For and on can both follow the word wait with the same meaning.


Why is "I am waiting for the plane" wrong?


Can it be "I am waiting for my plane" ?

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I think in Immery's post with the examples: czekać na... should say Accusative (instead of Genitive).

If I've got this wrong somebody please let me know, I'll delete this comment. Thank you :)


Yes, you are absolutely right. The preposition "na" can either take the accusative or the locative case, but never genitive.

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Thank you Alik :)

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