"I eat."

Translation:Ja jem.

September 10, 2016



Its still wrong every time and I have clicked on each answer. what


Usually the problem is that your exercise was "check all the correct answers" and that means that there may be more than 1 correct answer. You have to check both "Jem" and "Ja jem" at the same time.


in Polish ( as in Russian) pronouns are often omitted. but this is not a bug


"I am an apple". Welp.


Where do I find the grammar tips?


What the difference between ja jem and jem


They mean the same, but you will mostly use just "Jem". Putting the subject pronoun explicitly ("Ja jem") is redundant, given that the form of the verb already makes it clear what the subject is. In fact, it will mostly be used to contrast "I" and someone else.


"Ja jem" and "Ja je", They all correct ?


No, only the first one.

"jem" is the 1st person singular form (I eat/I am eating), while "je" is the 3rd person singular form (he/she/it eats/is eating).


Can't get past this page since the correct letters are not available to type the correct answer. Very frustrating!!

  1. It is recommended that you enable the Polish keyboard in the settings of your device.

  2. You can always write the Polish sentence here using only the 'basic' letters (e.g. "a" instead of "ą" or "o" instead of "ó"). It's counter-learning and we definitely do not recommend it, but possible and accepted.

  3. This particular sentence does not use any non-English characters.

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