"This small, green lizard is very fast."

Translation:Ez a kicsi, zöld gyík nagyon gyors.

September 11, 2016



According to a grammar book on Hungarian (Hungarian, An Essential Grammar by Carol Rounds), the adjective "kicsi" has a shortened form, "kis," which is employed when it is used attributively, as it is here. So, the answer I submitted, "Ez a kis, zöld..." should be correct. Or am I missing something here?

September 11, 2016


You're right. Small can be either "kicsi" or "kis".

September 11, 2016


"Kis" was generally not added to the course the last time I checked. So it needs to be reported wherever you encounter this issue. And yes, "kicsi" is only mandatory when it stands alone, as in "Ez a gyík nagyon kicsi".

September 20, 2016
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