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"אם הוא היה יותר נחמד הייתי עוזר לו."

Translation:If he were nicer, I would help him.

September 11, 2016



So both male and female speakers say הייתי עוזר? Or is it fine to say אם הוא היה יותר נחמד הייתי עוזרת לו?


The latter. A female speaker would say הייתי עוזרת.


And it's still (Feb.2019) rejecting 'if he was' . In present-day UK English, to say 'if he were' makes you sound like a relic of the Victorian era.


'Were' is indeed correct grammatically, but in everyday speech, 'was' is often used. It should be accepted. (For some reason, I'd say 'If I were ...' in everyday speech but 'If he were...' feels more formal).


Either use of yoter before or after an adjective is a flexibility available ONLY TO DUOLINGO employees or they use it arbitrarily. If I choose to put before an adjective, my answer is marked wrong. And this answer contains yoter before an adjective.


Can you give an example of when you said yoter something (an adjective) and it was marked wrong?

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