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  5. "כמה שעות יש בחודש?"

"כמה שעות יש בחודש?"

Translation:How many hours are in a month?

September 11, 2016



Did not accept 720 :(


720 or 744, except once a year when it's 672, except every four years when that one becomes 696 (except every hundred years when it doesn't, except every 400 years when it still does...)


Or September 1752 in Britain and America, which was short 11 days.


or october 1582...


It's impossible to say if 720 or 696


lol I didn't know you can actually answer


Depends on the calendar - lunar, solar, religious? Even the eon.


plus or minus one hour when you switch from/to daylight saving time


why "How many hours there are in a month?" is not accepted? As יש means 'there' most of the time I thought that this was the more correct translation. Maybe is incorrect in English, I'm not a native english speaker


“How many hours are there in a month?” would be correct. “Are there” is a question, but “there are” is not a question, but a statement.


I realize that we are just supposed to translate this, but for those who love numbers, here’s the answer. On the Gregorian calendar on a non-leap year, the number of hours in a month averages out to 730. Daylight saving time is not in the picture because first we lose an hour, then we gain it back so DST can be ignored.

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