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Present Tense [UK. GRAMMAR PORTAL]


Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken primarily in Western and Central Ukraine by 40 million people making it the third most spoken Slavic language by number of native speakers in the world!

What are tenses?

Tenses are the forms of verbs that tell when something did/does/will/would occur. Here are the list of basic tenses taught in the grammar portal

  • Past - Something that did happen. e.g. I was
  • Present - Something that does happen or is happening e.g. I am (being)
  • Future - Something that will happen e.g. I will be
  • Conditional - Something that would happen e.g. I would be

How do we form the Present Tense?

In the present tense, we must take into account three things:

  • The subject; Like the difference between, I eat and he eats
  • The conjugation; The endings change depending of the type of verb
  • The stem ending; Will be explain throughout the post

First Conjugation

This is the most common group of verbs and they usually end in -ати, just remove the -ти and add the following endings.

  • If the stem ends in a vowel


  • Я читаю - I read
  • Ти читаєш - You read (sg./inf.)
  • Він/Вона/Воно читає - He/She/It reads
  • Ми читаємо - We read
  • Ви читаєте - You read (pl./f.)
  • Вони читають - They read

  • If the stem ends in a consonant


  • Я несу - I carry
  • Ти несеш - You carry (sg./inf.)
  • Він/Вона/Воно несе - He/She/It carries
  • Ми несемо - We carry
  • Ви несете - You carry (pl./f.)
  • Вони несуть - They carry

If the verb ends in -увати

  • Just drop the -вати and add the endings

Готувати - To cook

  • Я готую - I cook
  • Ти готуєш - You cook (sg./inf.)
  • Він/Вона/Воно готує - He/She/It cooks
  • Ми готуємо - We cook
  • Ви готуєте - You cook (pl./f.)
  • Вони готують - They cook

Second Conjugation

  • If the stem ends in ж, ч, ш or щ

Вчити - To learn/study

  • Я вчу - I study
  • Ти вчиш - You study (sg./inf.)
  • Він/Вона/Воно вчить - He/She/It studies
  • Ми вчимо - We study
  • Ви вчите - You study (f./pl.)
  • Вони вчать - They study

  • If the stem ends in vowel or soft consonant

Говорити - To speak

  • Я говорю - I speak
  • Ти говориш - You speak (sg./inf.)
  • Він/Вона/Воно говорить - He/She/It speaks
  • Ми говоримо - We speak
  • Ви говорите - You speak (pl./f.)
  • Вони говорять - They speak

If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments

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September 11, 2016



What does STEM mean pease.


(en) stem = (cs) kmen = (sk) kmeň.

The basic part of a word, without its endings.

"část slova, která zbývá po oddělení ohýbacích přípon."

"část slova, k níž se připínají ohýbací přípony."

"základná časť slova, ktorá sa v rozličných tvaroch toho istého slova nemení a ku ktorej sa pripájajú jednotlivé pádové prípony pri menách al. osobné prípony pri slovesách"

"základná časť slova bez koncoviek (pri ohýbaní)"


d'akujem velmi pekne


Is there a difference in Ukrainian, in expressing e.g. " I eat" and "I am eating"? Is it я ї'м and я їжу ? or does "я ї'м" mean both.? In which case what does "я їжу" translate as? Thanks.


There is no difference. You can use form ''я їм'' for both. You can't use form ''Я їжу'', because this doesn't make sense in Ukrainian language.


How do I know if I should use the first conjugation or the second is the verb ends with a vowel ?


How about verbs such as "відповісти"?


thank you for putting this portal up!

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