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  5. "Kupuję parę butów."

"Kupuję parę butów."

Translation:I am buying a pair of shoes.

September 11, 2016



I just can't get over how beautifully clockwork the polish language is. The case system makes everything fit in a logical way like a well oiled linguistical machine. It makes English seem like a real mess.


Yeah, sometimes, just to lull you into a false sense of security....then BAM!!...more brain-fizzing stuff :)


I buy a couple of shoes - is wrong. " a couple" is only for human or?


Human/inanimate isn't the issue here:

Shoes, like gloves or stereo speakers, function best as a matching pair. But most books, tins (US: cans) of food, etc. are useful individually, so I could reasonably buy a couple of books etc.

Pair refers to exactly two items (animate or inanimate) that belong together; couple of applies to a possibly disparate collection of maybe 2 - 4 animate or inanimate items.


Well, maybe not literally human only, but I think it really doesn't work here.


I buy a pair of boots - is this wrong?


Added "boots", I don't see a reason to differentiate here.


If a shoe is a boot, what does the farmer or soldier call what he wears?


I'd translate "boot" to "but", there's also the augmentative "bucior" which sounds kinda colloquial. I've worn military boots many times (my father used to be in the military so he could get them easily) and I never called them differently, they were "buty wojskowe" to me.

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