"We live in the United States."

Translation:Mieszkamy w Stanach Zjednoczonych.

September 11, 2016

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Z jedno czony? Holy.... This makes so much sense. I was thinking all the time: "who the .... Came up with these words?" but it's kind of simple principle. It's like "Kühlschrank" in German. These are usually two words. "kühl" and "Schrank". Literally translated to English it would be something like "coolwardrobe". I guess...


Why Stanach and not Stanow?


Locative plural has the -ach ending.


"Stanów" would be Genitive, like in "Lecę do Stanów Zjednoczonych" (I am flying to the US).


i wrote" Mieszkamy w zjednoczonych Stanach " why is it wrong . Ido not anderstand ?thanks for your answer Roman


The name of the country is "Stany Zjednoczone", the word order in a name of the country will never change. Your answer, especially given the lowercase "z", sounds like "We live in the States that are united", as if the word "united" was just an adjective like any other.


Do the suffices of both the words change depending on the context?

Stany apparently is plural of Stana? What is zydnoczone, is it an adjective meaning united? Shouldn't the adjective come before the noun?


"Stany" is plural of "stan". For example "Montana to stan" (Montana is a state).

"Zjednoczone". Yes, it means "United".

Usually the adjective comes before the noun, true, but I guess this is just a name that has been created this way, regardless of the usual rules. There's another country with "United" in its name in English, but its Polish name this time does start with the adjective, United Arab Emirates are "Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie".

Which I guess may kinda contradict my previous comment about 'adjective like any other'. Sorry that I don't have a better explanation, it just is what it is ;)


Why not mieskamy w Stanach? I have heard stany used for the United States by Polish people and it seems to be an acceptable abreviation.


Well yes, but then that's the same as saying "We live in the States" in English, and that's not what the English sentence here says.

P.S. Typo, "mieszkamy".


OK, (I can't spell it in Polish), but why is Great Britain translated in that order, but United States is translated reverse?


I'm not sure if there's a real 'reason' for that, or if it's 'well, they were just called this way'.

"Wielka Brytania" uses the more usual word order, the descriptive adjective is before the noun.

"Stany Zjednoczone" makes it sound like "United" is some kind of a category. But then we also have "United Arab Emirates" -> "Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie", making "zjednoczone" a simple description.

I have to say that "Zjednoczone Stany" would make me wait for some other word... "United States of what?". There is a Polish-Swedish movie "Zjednoczone stany miłości", its English title is "United States of Love".

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