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  5. "You are alive!"

"You are alive!"

Translation:Wy żyjecie!

September 11, 2016



Surely this should be "You live!", which is perfectly correct in english. I tried "Jesteś żywy!"


"You live!" is accepted. "Jesteś żywy" would be a very literal translation, but I don't think it would be used if your presumably-dead friend suddenly starts breathing again...

However, added anyway, since technically that would be a correct translation. Just not very likely in real language.


Why not "Jesteś żyjesz!" ?

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"Żyć" " is a verb meaning to live".

"Żyjesz" is the form of żyć which says "you (singular) are living".

Adding "jesteś" might be like saying "you are you are living".

If you want to use "jesteś", I think you could use an adjective to say "jesteś żywy". :)

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