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"Я учусь на юридическом факультете."

Translation:I'm in law school.

September 11, 2016



Why not "I study at law school ".


Absolutely, that's what is given. Translation above is sloppy.


I study at a school of law or I study at a law school, with the former being preferable.


This translation is so far removed from the original I can't imaginr how it became the preferred choice...

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"I'm in the law department" not possible?


No. The Russian sentence's verb is учусь, to study.

Your sentence can mean any number of things like being a lawyer who »is« in the law department of a company.


The normal way of saying this would be: I attend law school.


In British English "I am reading (or studying) law"


What would be wrong with - I am studying at the Law Faculty?


I'm not sure about British English but in the U.S. faculty normally refers to the teaching staff rather than the institution.


Why learning not accepted? In some other discussion it was ychys was learn and isuchat study. Can someone clarify please


Given how strict we must be with getting the exact translation in other lessons, I am surprised at how loose this translation is.


Надо догадаться, исходя из информации английского предложения. И чего он там делает? Чай пьёт или действительно учится? Авторы курса, я обожаю ваши недоговорённости :-)


This is is a horrible translation. Just horrible. "I study in law school" is much better. I could be in law school but doing absolutely no studying. Maybe classes have not started yet? Maybe I am lazy and will soon flunk out.


I do wonder who writes this stuff. The previous exercise required translation of <<Он учится на физическом факультете>, and, correctly, offered "He is studying in the Physics Department". Here we have the identical construct, albeit for law, and the "correct" translation suggested is "I'm in law school". It may be a colloquialism, but the pure translation should be accepted!


"I am studying in the faculty of law" is an accepted literal answer.


what part of which verb is учучь. I thought изуцать was to study


Pretty sure учусь is the first person singular conjugation (the "я" conjugation) of учится. The literal definition of which is "to teach oneself". I.E. "to learn".


False. I already went.


Having been there and done that, Friends, the most common way to express the idea in the USA is, “I’m in law school.”


Why does this translation ask for НА rather than В? In other lessons about where something was learned, or where someone is taking classes, the lessons say В ШКОЛЕ... why is this different and uses на школе (факултете)?


why is it in prepositional?


That's the location where the person studies.


Why is юридический факультет law school, but физический факультет physics department?


I suspect this translation is not as well formed as other translations within the course.

The university I am most familiar with has a 'school of law' within the 'faculty of arts', but the faculty also has a 'department of history'. Meanwhile the same university has a 'faculty of science and engineering' which included a 'department of physics'. The exact structure might vary from university to university and the person who created the translation used what they are most familiar with.

What I'm more confused about is why neither translate to 'faculty' which is a higher organisational unit.


There was another sentence that was он учится на юридическом факультете.

Can we use both я учусь or учится ?

Are they interchangeable?


Я учусь

Ты учишься

Он/она/оно учится

Мы учимся

Вы учитесь

Они учатся

No, you can't use "учится" with "я". It would be like saying "I is" instead of "I am".


"I am a law student" is a more natural translation.


Bad translation in english


What about I am at school in law department ?

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