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  5. "America is far away from us."

"America is far away from us."

Translation:Η Αμερική είναι πολύ μακριά από εμάς.

September 11, 2016



there is no very in the English sentence so πολύ should not be used in the Greek sentence.

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Yes, good point. It's the nature of the course that the target language is written first. So, first the Greek sentences were written then we tried to work the English in. Sometimes, it's not as smooth as we'd like. We've had to reject some Greek sentences which just couldn't be reproduced in one single English sentence.


I don't know if this would fit into the course itself in any way, but I for one would enjoy seeing a collection of these rejected Greek sentences. :)

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Yes, I think I would too. I don't imagine there is any record it is more likely that each contributor, and there have been several, just abandoned them when it was realized they were not suitable. In my experience, they have been sentences that would require more paraphrasing than we could expect in a new learner of Italian. But I imagine the most interesting would be those containing very idiomatic language again because it would be beyond the scope of the language taught here.

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