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  5. "זה חשוב לאכול ארוחת בוקר."

"זה חשוב לאכול ארוחת בוקר."

Translation:It is important to eat breakfast.

September 11, 2016



Are חשוב and לחשוב cognates?


Yes. to consider/ is considered.


More commonly used as

important - חשוב


think - לחשוב

but going deeper in, it's like potato said. Something important is something that is thought about.


What are the other ways to say it in Hebrew? Like in English, we say: it is necessary to, it is important to, or we just use the word should with a pronoun. What are the ways to say it in Hebrew? And how about, only saying: yes, it is necessary! Does it change? Because in French and Arabic, it is different than English. How about in Hebrew? Thanks


It is important to... = חשוב לאכול ארוחת בוקר

It is necessary... = צריך/חייבים לאכול ארוחת בוקר

"should" could also be translated to צריך, but if it's just a recommendation (like, it's preferable to...) you can use כדאי לאכול ארוחת בוקר.


Wow thanks a lot! How are they pronounced? Khashuv, tsarikh, khayavim, kadayi?


Yes, the last one is kedai


Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it


If you were saying this to a women/girl would there be any change in the construct? Or its just a general statement and not directed at the person ( you should eat....) so it will always be in masculine form??


this sentence would be a general statement, zeh is masculine because khashuv is masculine

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