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"הם משכירים את הדירה של ההורים שלהם."

Translation:They rent out their parents' apartment.

September 11, 2016



In English (or at least American English) rent can mean either side of the transaction. I rent you my car; you rent my car. So "rent" should be accepted as a correct translation in addition to "rents out" or "lets."


Weird, I came to make this exact comment and my name's Daniel, too.


How do we differentiate between "rent" and "rent out" in Hebrew? The definition of "משכיר" is simply "rent", without explaining on which side of the contract one is on.


to rent out=להשכיר, rents out=משכיר to rent =לשכור, rents=שוכר.


The apostrophe is correct at the end of "parents'"


Should be "parents'" (with a apostrophe at the end) instead of "parents" - indicating possession. Can't believe such a blatant mistake hasn't been pointed out/fixed.


One of the things which threw me on this sentence is the idea that the offspring are renting out their parents' apartment. I can't believe it would be legal to rent out something that doesn't belong to you. So, I thought it must mean "they are renting their parents' apartment".


It makes you worry about what's going on with the parents.


Maybe they're acting as their parents' proxy?


Who says the children don't have permission to do so?


Maybe their parents died and while they decide what to do with the property, they rent it out


By pealim site להשכיר means to rent, to let. https://www.pealim.com/dict/2210-lehaskir/ And לשכור means to rent, to hire. I guess both can be translated as to rent.


I put "They lease their parent's apartment" and it was marked wrong because of the apostrophe.

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