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"Do you like chocolate ice cream?"

Translation:Lubicie lody czekoladowe?

September 11, 2016



Why is "Lubisz czekoladowe lody." wrong? Does "lody" have to precede "czekoladowe"?


The idea behind this is quite simple:

  • Why in English it is ice cream and not icy cream? In German it would be Schokoladeeis but there is something wrong with schokolades Eis. I feel that Germanic languages have a lot less adjectives than Slavic or Romance languages. Instead Germanic languages try to merge two words. Whereas Polish language would place adjective after the noun.
  • Some geographical examples: północna Irlandia (the northern part of Irland - whole island), Irlandia Północna - British part of Irland, żółte morze - a see that is yellow, Morze Żółte - the Yellow Sea. czarny niedźwiedź - a bear that is black, niedźwiedź czarny == american black bear. Applying this rule to food means that „jabłkowy sok” and „czekoladowe lody” occur very rare.


I really don't understand the explanation given for putting chocolate after ice cream. Especially since chocolate appears to be an adjective.


Me neither. There are plenty of examples in Polish where the adjective precedes the noun (ie. długie włosy) so I can't understand why "czekoladowe lody" is wrong.


It's a category of ice cream and not the description of a temporary or secondary property.



Wow, thank you for the link. It's very informative.


Lubisz jest dobrze...


Czy lubisz lody czekoladowe?


Why is this czekoladowe rather than czekolady. I thought singular dopełniacz for czekolada was czekolady. I made the same mistake in an earlier question involving truskawkowi rather than truskawki.


"Czekoladowe" is an adjective, "lody" is always plural, so we need the "-e" ending there. It appears to me that for some random reason when it comes to tastes of juices and ice cream, we have to put the adjective after the nouns, and not before them.


What was all that fuss abut lodow in a previous exercise when here I find the word I see everywhere?


Grammar. If this was "You do not like chocolate ice cream", it would be "Nie lubisz lodów czekoladowych", as in the other sentence.

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