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  5. "Το μπουφάν μου."

"Το μπουφάν μου."

Translation:My jacket.

September 11, 2016



What is the difference between μπουφάν and ζακέτα ?


I believe μπουφάν, which comes from the French word bouffant meaning puffed, is typically a heavier weatherproof jacket (like a parka, windbreaker, ski coat, or anorak), while ζακέτα is typically a lighter jacket, sweater, or cardigan.


A μπουφάν for me would be a something on the style of a ski jacket. Padded, with a zipper and maybe a hood.


Μπουφάν is jacket, ζακέτα is cardigan.


Sorry I am still confused. Is the difference inside /outside wear (cold vs. warm weather) or is it a male vs. female question?


It's about the weather. Ζακέτα is more thin than the μπουφάν and it is worn in less cold weather whereas μπουφάν is worn in cold weather only. Males and females can wear both.


None. However, ζακέτα is much more commonly used. I have never really heard μπουφαν being used in speech ever, and I speak Greek.


Μπουφάν sounds like bufanda which in Spanish means scarf haha.


In previous exercise "μπουφάν" was translated as parka and yet in this solution it was deemed wrong. Please disambiguate.


I'm really sorry. After a real effort between BE and AE speakers, we came up with a sort of "generic" list for some items of clothing. One man's undershirt is another's vest etc. :-) And parka was included in the definition of "μπουφάν" as you can see above. But to ,my dismay, it was not added to the accepted sentences. Many apologies. I've added it so that now "jacket, anorak, parka and short coat' are now accepted. Thank you very much for your input.

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