"The spider eats the lion"

Translation:Η αράχνη τρώει το λιοντάρι

September 11, 2016

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Boy is this a big spider! :O


does "η αράχνη τρώει ο λεων" work as well? "λεων" was given as an acceptable translation of lion when the word was introduced alone.


Yes, Λέων should be accepted, but in the sentence above it must be put in the accusative, as λιοντάρι does (the accusative of το λιοντάρι is the same as the nominative so it is not clear, but it is in the accusative in this sentence) so it would be "η αράχνη τρώει τον λέοντα" It's: Nominative: ο λέων Genitive: του λέοντος Accusative: τον λέοντα Vocative: λέον. Λέων is not so commonly used in modern Greek as lion the animal but as leo the sign, though.


It should be η αράχνη τρώει τον λέοντα because it is in accusative case.

However, this sentence has been deleted a long time ago. I don't know what happened and appeared to you!

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