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Transitive Verbs [UK. GRAMMAR PORTAL]


Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken primarily in Western Ukraine by 40 million people making it the third most spoken Slavic language by number of native speakers in the world!

What is a Transitive Verb?

A transitive verb is a verb that has a direct object which means the verb (action) has an object that is directly receiving the action. Here are some English examples, the direct object is in bold.

  • I eat an apple (The apple is receiving the action of being eaten)
  • I love you (You is receiving the action)
  • I like dogs a lot (The dog is receiving the action)
  • I buy my wife a ring (The ring is receiving the action)
  • I give the money to the man (The money is receiving the action)

So why do I have to know this?

Well, in Ukrainian, the direct object is put into the Accusative Case. This is one of the most common cases in the Ukrainian language and it's essential to know if you want to continue learning it.

I really recommend that you read this page on the Accusative Case.

Your Complete Guide To Ukrainian Verbs

The Grammar Portal

The Language Portal

September 11, 2016



I want to learn Ukranian since January 2016... but it is so difficult understand the words... thanks for your post... I hope you will continue add more examples for ukranian language... have nice weekend!


A link to the glossary if near the top of the post, it contains definitions for grammar words :) If you have any questions; feel free to ask :D

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