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"באירופה משתמשים באירו, גם ביוון."

Translation:In Europe they use Euros, also in Greece.

September 11, 2016



Does אירופה traditionally refer to a definition of Europe which excludes Greece ?


This occurred to me at first too. But then I thought, what about this:

"They don't use the Euro in Greece".

"Yes they do! Greece is in Europe. They use the Euro in Europe, in Greece too".


the word גם can also mean "even". They use euros even in Greece, despite the problems they recently had.


Well, there are many European countries that do not use Euro. Perhaps the sentence refers to eurozone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurozone and should read "in eurozone which includes Greece they use Euros." But I am not sure how to write it in Hebrew.


Why wouldn't Greece be considered a part of Europe? =\


It does seem a puzzling sentence - my understanding is that "Europe" was originally a Greek term essentially meaning something like "our" sphere of cultural influence rather than Persia's, so "Europe" as something excluding or distinct from Greece is unexpected.

Or am I missing the full meaning of גם ? Does גם here mean EU "and thus" Greece rather than EU "and in addition" Greece ?


Yes, this sentence is strange. I'm imagining a scenario in which the EU decides to evict Greece because of its economic woes. Not likely. The EU gives Germany the political dominance over its neighbors which it always wanted.


Haha, tell this one to a Greek :)


I love the sarcasm of this sentence...


I wrote...in Greece TOO. It was not accepted. Any reason?


תודה לאלוהים שאנחנו לא...


Why is Euro in hebrew Ero, from what language came that pronunciation?


I think that in every language the name of the currency is the same as the first syllable of "Europe". Since in Hebrew you say "Eropa" (אירופה), the name is officially "Ero" (אירו). That said, colloquially, the name יורו is very common.

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I suspect it's from German or maybe Spanish. Both have a diphthong eh-oo-ro-pa, and the second part of it got lost.


הגרמנים לא עושים זה. הם מבטאים את המילה Euro כ Oyro. בצ'כיה אנחנו מבטאים eh-oo-ro.

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