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  5. "Τι χρώμα είναι η γάτα σου;"

"Τι χρώμα είναι η γάτα σου;"

Translation:What color is your cat?

September 11, 2016



Should the Greek sentence have a question mark? I get a semi colon. Also, let me know if this sort of thing is best in feedback.


The semicolon (;) is used as the question mark in Greek. This symbol (?) does not exist in Greek.


Interesting, seems almost unique in that way. Thanks for the answer and to those who made the course!.


There is (;) instead of question mark in Greek.


A better wording would be "as the question" mark.

English doesn't use "?" instead of the question mark -- it uses "?" as the question mark.


Which colour is the cat? .. Also should be accepted... Reported it!


translated into my language this english sentence looks like nonsense,because a cat cannot be a color.is it correct in english? I ask you because my english is so bad that i can t trust my intuition..


It makes sense, both in English and in Greek. But, I do understand your concern, if English is not your native language.

In Greek, there is also the phrase "Τι χρώμα έχει....;" which translates to something like "What color does it have....?" In English. Although a bit more logical, it doesn't make much sense in English. Language is frustrating sometimes,isn't it? :)


Το αγορι ειναι πορτοκαλι με ασπρη γραβατα και το κοριτσι φοραει ενα σμοκιν ;)


What's wrong with "Τι χρώμα είναι η γάτα σας;" ?


It's already one of the accepted sentences. If it was not accepted for you, please leave a report next time, along with a comment, in order to see exactly what you wrote and better resolve the issue. Thanks! :)

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