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  5. "What is the order?"

"What is the order?"

Translation:Ποια είναι η ακολουθία;

September 11, 2016



the english sentence is very confusing as far as order could have several different meanings... the order that a serie follows, the order of the master, the order at the restaurant, the religious order...


The meaning of the word ακολουθία depends on the context. The same for the word order. I think this sentence should be deleted


Is τι είναι η σειρά a possibility?


Ποια ειναι η διάταξη

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Τι is in the hints, but ‘Τι είναι η ακολουθία;’ was rejected. Why?


From what I learned so far the use of τι would translate more to "what is (the meaning) of (the expression) order" like if you ask for a definition....


The hints aren’t recommendations, solutions, or suggestions.

They’re more like dictionary definitions — and often contain translations that do not apply in the current sentence, because many words can be translated in more than one way depending on the context.

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