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  5. "β το βουβάλι"

"β το βουβάλι"

Translation:v the buffalo

September 11, 2016



It's extremely annoying when listening to letters. When I got this sentence as a listening exercise, I wrote exactly this but it was marked wrong. Should have been βήτα, not β, while everywhere else both are accepted. Be consistent and implement that for the listening exercises as well please, or be consistent and only ever use single letters OR the full name, because now it's just a random gamble...


+1: "Βήτα το βουβάλι" gets "You used the wrong word: s/Βήτα/β," which seems false. And there's no "my answer should be correct" report option. :-(


Yes there is, or at least there is now.


CAA15: It depends on the context in which you see the sentence. As a "translate Greek to English," the option exists; as "transcribe the Greek that you hear," it does not.


I mean, there is a report option.


No, not always: on exercises that ask you to transcribe the Greek that you hear—as opposed to asking you to translate Greek to English—there is a button to "report a mistake," but in the resulting drop-down menu there is no option "My answer should be marked correct."


That is when you use the "other"option. Same result as far as I know. Still a report.


Is this a common bull name in Greece?


I doubt it. Right now, we're just learning the alphabet and a few words to get us started. It's just that "βουβάλι" starts with "β".


Oh, I get it. It's like our English primer. A is for Apple, B is for Buffalo, etc..

[deactivated user]

    If this is the sort of thing Greek kids say when learning the alphabet, then it would be cool to accept the English-language equivalent, which is "B for Buffalo" "C for Cat" etc.


    Am I alone in thinking this sentence is meaningless?


    Of course it's meaningless. It's not a sentence. We're just learning the letters, and along the way a few words.

    [deactivated user]

      it sounds like a title though...?


      I got this wrong about five times because I kept mispelling "buffalo"

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