September 11, 2016

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The lack of audio makes this course very frustrating. Sorry for venting ;)


I have to agree. Especially for beginners, not having audio for a language in which the pronunciation is not clear from the spelling is sub-optimal.


It sometimes is, but I'm sure they did the best they could in putting together the course and having it free for us! Here is a helpful website for pronunciation. https://forvo.com/languages/he/ :)


So there is audio but it isn't integrated into the lesson? Please can y'all integrate it. It's kinda frustrating to smell how a word is supposed to be pronounced and then have to click to view the comments every time. This course has great material and substance but this lack of audio integration is making it substandard compared to the other courses here.


Could 'יכול להיות' also be accepted?


Yes, I'd accept it, but they're not always interchangeable.


Ok, thanks. In my native language, German, there's also 'vielleicht' (אולי) and 'kann sein' (יכול להיות). But I don't know a situation where these are not interchangeable, at least at the moment I don't. Which situations would that be in Hebrew eg?


Well, אולי is also used for suggestion - for example, אולי תפסיק is a less harsh way to ask someone to stop; whereas יכול להיות שתפסיק simply means "maybe you'll stop", or maybe not - the speaker is not implying which of the two possibilities he prefers.


Oh, ok. I understand, thanks!

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In the question directly before this one, I had to guess the spelling of this word from an audio prompt, and it accepted this as CORRECT, not as close but misspelled, but as CORRECT:


I'm not remembering wrong, I have screen caps of both questions with the answers. It can't be an alternate spelling, because for THIS question, I spelled it exactly the same way, and it was flagged as a typo! What gives?

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