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  5. "Η ντουλάπα και η πολυθρόνα."

"Η ντουλάπα και η πολυθρόνα."

Translation:The closet and the armchair.

September 11, 2016



Wardrobe should be added, it is the English equivalent of closet( Am Eng).


Poltrona means armchair in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.


This is where the Greek word πολυθρόνα derives from, Italian.:)


Thank you. This comment is very helpful for my list of Italian loanwords. I was surprised, however, that poltrona is considered Spanish. If it is used occasionally in Spanish, it is a technical term not normally used. Standard Spanish terms are sillón and butaca. Here's an online discussion of these terms: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/spanishhelp/sillones-poltronas-y-butacas-t1100.html I think nowadays it's a term in Spanish that people use who are in the luxury furniture business (cf. the Italian firm Poltrona Frau). My hunch is that it is somewhat archaic Spanish, keeping in mind the connections between the Spanish and Italian monarchies. English similarly has the word poltroon (probably through French but ultimately Italian) but it's exceedingly rare. A lingot for you.


In portuguese armchair is poltrona indeed and it's the only word I know to call it. Considering I'm Brazilian, that is definitely a common word.


Thanks, that is interesting to hear.


Thanks Theo, I would like to correct what I wrote, in Br Eng wardrobe is a standalone piece of furniture but closet is used for built-in furniture. I presume ντουλάπα covers both?


She puts the accent here: ντούλαπα, rather than here: ντουλάπα. That may be the (my) problem...


You're right! The audio is wrong in this sentence


I could hardly hear what the lady was saying in this case.


I did check the audio, both in regualr and slow speed, and I don't think there is anything skecthy with that. Do you refer to the actual pronunctiation or the audio in general? ._.


I refer to this specific sentence. I just did a 'strengthen my skills' and again I could not make out what she is saying (except the last word).


I find on the iPad that in the strengthen exercises syllables or even words at the end are often missing and you need to listen both to the normal and slow pronunciation to be sure of the sentence.


While both "armchair" and "lounge chair" were accepted here, "easy chair" was not. Could someone please consider adding this common synonym?

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