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  5. "הוא אוכל משולש פיצה."

"הוא אוכל משולש פיצה."

Translation:He is eating a slice of pizza.

September 11, 2016



Do you still use the word משולש פיצה if it's a rectangular slice, i.e. Sicilian?


Interesting... In that case do you say חתיכת פיצה? If not how would you say a slice of pizza if the slice is rectangular?


Yes, I would say חתיכת פיצה.


In the USA, rectangular slices of pizza are often called "Sicilian pizza". It is frequent as a school cafeteria lunch dish, a packaged frozen dish, and a pizzeria menu option.

In Israel, calling rectangular pizza "Siclian pizza" could seem problematic since it might not automatically be understood as USA rectangular pizza.


I dont think anyone in US says "he eats a triangle of pizza." I certainly dont. "A piece of pizza," yes. If i were talking to my kids i might say "do you want a triangle pizza or a square pizza," but never "a triangle of pizza."


You are absolutely correct, just like an Israeli would never say, "אתה רוצה חתיכה של פיצה?" (Unless, as mentioned above, it's a sqare pizza and there's no other way to say it


It's funny that they are called triangles in Hebrew when they're not triangular. (As a mathematician, I'm sensitive to the difference between an arc of a circle and a straight line.)


Well, מָתֶמָטִיקַאי אוֹכֵל רַק גִּזְרַת פִּ֫יצָה a mathematician only eats a sector of a pizza. גִּזְרָה is also used for a designated area: אֵין בְּעָיוֹת בְּגִזְרַת־הֶחָלָל שֶׁאַ֫נוּ מְסַיּירִים בָּהּ כָּעֵת there is no trouble in the space sector we are patrolling now.


Depends on how narrow a slice of pizza it is. If it's really really narrow, then it's almost as if the arc is a straight line. I wonder if Isaac Newton ate pizza ;-)


An Israeli could say "אתה רוצה חתיכה של פיצה? or "אתה רוצה חתיכת פיצה?" and it would be normal. -"משולש פיצה" however would be for a triangle slice only.


הוּא אוֹכֵל מְשׁוּלָּשׁ פִּיצָה


Well, הוּא אֹ֫כֶל means he is food. Meant is הוּא אוֹכֵל he eats.


Thanks, I will correct.

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