Hi, I'm a native Dutch speaker and I wanted to learn Portuguese. So the only option was to do a Portuguese course for English speakers. That was no problem because I also speak English. Yesterday I wanted to test my English so I added a course: English for Dutch speakers. The problem is that everything in Duolingo is now set to Dutch and I cannot continue with Portugese :(

September 11, 2016

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Adding languages will not make you lose progress in existing courses. You can switch between courses you’ve started by clicking on the flag icon in the top right corner of Duolingo and selecting a different flag from the drop down menu.

If you switch your base language (the language you are learning from), some of your existing language trees may "disappear" from your menu. Don't worry! They are still there. To visit them again, simply change your base language back to what it was originally. The skill trees displayed depend on what language you have selected as the base language.

Veel succes gewenst.

Thanks Pentaan! Ik had al begrepen dat er ook een quick switch optie is

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