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  5. "Το γλυκό είναι νόστιμο."

"Το γλυκό είναι νόστιμο."

Translation:The dessert is delicious.

September 11, 2016



As a chemistry student, I find "glyco" quite familiar. Small doubt it is related to terms like "glucose", "glycogen", "glycerine", or "glycine". Firstly I was surprised that it means "dessert", until reading these comments.


I was having the hardest time figuring out how to pronounce this word until I saw your comment. Thank you


Ohh now I understand the pronunciation

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Since the original sentence in Greek is singular I can't edit it. I've reported it and it may be changed or at least have an option for both BE and AE..


Thanks for the effort! Cheers

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Here's what I'm proposing. The sentence should read in English: "The dessert is tasty." which I have already entered in the incubator. Alternatives are candy and sweet. That will make the sentence conform to Duo standards which are AE but of course allow for BE.


I love the function in Duo that I have just found: When resting my finger on the Greek word written as soloution here in the discussion forum, I was sent to a link with clearer pronounciation and more examples! I coulden' t figure out the pronounciation in the audio of γλυκό, thought she said vlyko, which I thought was strange, pushed by accident the word (in the solution phrase at the top of the page), and swoosh; Found what I was looking for! Great! Recommended!


I'm surprised you haven't been inundated with lingots! I didn't know that either- there's no suggestion that there is a link, but when I did what you said, hey presto, I got a whole load of examples. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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For all exercises you will see thee at the top of the discussion page (where we are right now). Any word that is in blue will have other information if you just click on it. And pronunciation is just one of those features.


The sweet course at the end of a meal = dessert (from French), also sometimes called sweet or even pudding in UK).......... English = a peice of candy, plural candy, UK English = a sweet, plural sweets, french bonbon Greek = καραμέλα. Confusing isn't it!


In U.S., sometimes we express delicious desserts as "decadent". Greek word for "decadent" is "παρηκμασμένος".


The candy is delicious works as well

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It's already accepted. :)

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