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"ידידה שלי סיפרה לי על הטיול שלה."

Translation:My friend told me about her trip.

September 11, 2016



Why not "girlfriend" (which doesn't imply a romantic relationship)?


It's hard to draw these parallels, and it's a cultural thing as well as a language thing and I'm sure varies a lot between communities in both Hebrew and English, but -

The word "ידידה" is not in very common use, unless someone wants to make it absolutely sure that there is no, repeat no, definitely no, romantic involvement. So it would be strange to prefer "girlfriend" to "friend" here. Could be done I suppose. Just a non-obvious choice.


In Australia, women often refer to their female friends as their 'girlfriend' (with no sexual connotations). e.g. 'I was having coffee with a girlfriend ...'


In America also. I wrote the sentence with "girlfriend" and DL marked it wrong. I'm reporting it.


Why does 'sg' keep coming up as a word option? Makes no sense?


Shouldn't that be הידידה? Aren't possessed objects definite?


But some like aba, ima, etc don't require to be definite.


Isn´t A FRIEND OF MINE synonym of MY FRIEND?


Is journey an inadequate translation of 'טיול'?


What is the difference between חברה וידידה?


The word חברה literally means "friend", but it suggests a romantic relationship. The word ידידה has the same literal meaning, but suggests a platonic friendship. Those aren't absolutes, and the meanings of the words overlap a lot, but those are the overtones.

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