"A kesztyűmből pénz esik ki."

Translation:Money is falling out of my gloves.

September 11, 2016

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"... Out of my gloves" (plural) is rejected. But in hungarian, singular is used for things coming in pairs, like gloves. So IMO plural should be accepted in english. I can imagine somebody trying to pay for something with his gloves on saying that.


I'm not a native anglophone, but is it ok to say 'out from' or should it be 'out of' always?


I prefer out of also. In this case both can be used. But it is not that easy always. If there is another preposition, then out from is necessary:

  • I come out from behind the building
  • He walks out from inside the house
  • Money is falling out from inside my glove

So you shouldn't say Money is falling out of inside my glove.

Can you say Money is falling out from my glove? (meaning Money is falling out from (inside) my glove). Well, it's "OK". It makes sense, and sounds "natural enough", because the preposition inside is assumed, even if you don't say it.

If there is no preposition like inside or behind, even assumed, then only out of is correct.


I am voting for "out of" most of the time. But I think "out from" also has its role.


I'm sure there's probably an instance in which you'd use "out from", but even as a native English speaker I can't think of it. I'd stick to "out of".

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