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"The kindergarten teacher hurries up to the ninth floor and lies down in front of the door."

Translation:Az óvónő felsiet a kilencedik emeletre és lefekszik az ajtó elé.

September 12, 2016



Az óvónők fucsák emberek.


Furcsa emberek. :)
Adjective in front of noun, it stays singular.

I know, I know, there is also a noun on front of it. But here it belongs to "emberek".

"Az óvónők furcsák" - good.
"Az óvónők furcsa emberek" - good.


Can someone please tell me the difference between elé and elott? (Sorry, I don't have a Hungarian keyboard to correctly mark that second one.)


Előtt is good.


Előtt is when something is stationary, it is in front of something and has been there for a while. Elé is when something moves to be in front of something. For example Nelson column is in front of the National Gallery, that would be előtt as the statue is there and is not going any where. Or my shoes are in front of the door, that would also be előtt as my shoes are stationary too. On the other hand I run in front of the car is elé as I am moving right now to position myself in front of the car

[deactivated user]

    Elé is the adverbial form applied to the verb I think.

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