Yes!!! 700

Hit 700 today!! Still running... ;-)

September 12, 2016


Bem feito! Te desejo boa sorte! :~)

Congratulations!! I can only hope to be that high someday. Have all my lingots!

Thank you! I think I'll give You lingots!! :-)

Aww, thanks. I hope to hear from you again in 100 days. ; )

You will for sure. :-)

Wow...c'est genial :D keep it up Fab

Thank you. :-)

Congratulations dude! I hope someday I can reach it too. :)

Thanks. 216! Awesome! You will do it! just keep going. Make sure you check everyday that you have your freeze in case anything happens. :-)

¡Que rico! Enhorabueno.

Muchas gracias! :-)

Thank you! :-)

Very impressive...enhorabuena!

Thank you wildfood! Muchas gracias! I see you are doing very well too. :-)

not bad my friend, not bad at all!

Thanks eport2019. :-)

Thanks, Lento_Rodriguez! :-)

urra! hay que celebrarlo . :D

Seguro! Gracias :-)

¡¡Felicitaciones!! Sigue así:)

Gracias!! :-)

You are a master!!!!,

I only missing 578, Sure next year!!!


Thanks. You are on your way!! Keep going! :-)

700! That is fabulous! Congrats. :-)

Thank you NtateNarin Look at you 620 and going strong! :-)

Good on you man, keep the great work

Thank you Inspired1982. You're doing well too! Congrats! :-)

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