"The child eats bread."

Translation:Το παιδί τρώει ψωμί.

September 12, 2016



So much for the phagocytes of my high school biology. Is the Greco-Latin nomenclature of science classes more of a hindrance than a help for Demotic Greek?

September 12, 2016


No, its easy actually. phagocytes is Φαγοκύτταρο is greek for example which is φάγ(the root of φαγητό=food, the root of the imperative and future of the verb eat, φάε, θα φάω.)+ κύτταρο (cell in greek). So, the cell that eats (other cells and microorganisms)!

September 12, 2016


Not sure the conjugation of this τρώεις is wrong yet τρώει is correct Earlier question wanted τρως for you eat

September 3, 2018


That's right. τρώγεις is contracted to τρως but τρώγει just to τρώει, not τρω or τρει or anything like that.

September 3, 2018


How do I get a Greek keyboard

February 4, 2017


This post and the Duo wiki article on adding keyboards and input methods should help you. Cheers!

February 4, 2017


αρτο means baking not eating

September 28, 2017
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