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upcoming hebrew dictionary on duolingo?

I was searching for examples to clarify a new word when I found this:


It looks very useful, but doesn't seem to have a parent page that you can search from. Also, the second example doesn't actually use that verb!

September 12, 2016



That's ... brilliant!


WOW! That will be a terrific resource when it goes live. Nice find!


Open up the discussion page for any sentence. Press on a Hebrew word at the top (not in anyone's question) and I think it gives you all the dictionary info.

It would definitely be useful if the first tips and notes told you about this feature.


You don't need the whole link: duolingo.com/dictionary/he works... it's not very thorough though. It doesn't have all the words in the course or even all the sentences. You will get more hits searching the Hebrew forum. Not that it's not helpful, but it's not complete.

You can see all the words you've learnt btw, at duolingo.com/words

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