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"Az idős katona nem száll le a lóról."

Translation:The old soldier is not getting off the horse.

September 12, 2016



"You can't make me get in one of those newfangled 'tanks'! The horse and saber will make a comeback! You'll see!"


It should - there is a Hungarian reference here!
The hussar (taken from "20 acres", huszár) is a Hungarian light horseman.


Did not accept "the elderly soldier does not dismount from the horse." 16 June 2020


And yet, it won't take "The elderly soldier doesn't get down from the horse." Report!!


Because "get off" is the correct expression for "leszáll" from a bigger-than-car sized vehicle or public transportation device/animal.

With movement involved (besides various other slang meanings) "Get down" would mean either: - Throw yourself to the ground (as Schwarzenegger would say); - To move something from a higher place (get down the sugar from the top shelf); - Move yourself from a higher place (from the tree, from a horse) - so partially you were right, but for this "lejön" would be even better in hungarian - Would you say "lejön a lóról" in hungarian?


Perhaps the horse should get out from under the old soldier.


You fooled me Duo - I knew that people get down from horses, not land from them, but the hints led me to write the Duo-Hunglish " didn't land from the horse". But I claim that my second attempt "didn't get down from the horse" is ok, despite being marked wrong.


The problem with your sentence is that it's in past tense. We're in the present here.


yes, you're right about the tense - my mistake; I was worrying too much about the soldier landing from the horse - but the model answer is a great improvement on the hint


Doesn't accept "The old soldier doesn't get off the horse". I reported it.


Can y'all allow "dismount" for Get off the horse?

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