"I am often looking for banks in the morning."

Translation:Reggel gyakran bankokat keresek.

September 12, 2016

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Is "gyakran reggel bankokat keresek" acceptable? If so, is there any distinction in meaning from "reggel gyakran bankokat keresek"?


I would say it it somewhat unusual, or weird, to put it in that order.
Like "Often in the morning.... ". "Reggel gyakran ..." is more natural.
Or try this:
"Gyakran bankokat keresek reggel."
The meanings are quite similar.


"is more natural" only works if you already speak Hungarian. I wonder if there's a rule...


Well, the issue is that "gyakran" belongs with "bankokat keresek". Not with "reggel". It is not "often in the morning" but "often looking for banks". Right? I mean, usually. So, what is unusual is inserting the "reggel" in the middle of this relationship. It is not necessarily wrong, it just sounds unusual.
If you were to say that you look for banks at random times on any given day, but more often than not it happens in the morning, that is, it is often in the morning that you look for banks, then that "reggel" needs to be emphasized. And we all know what happens to a word that we want to emphasize: yes, it is placed in front of the verb:
"Gyakran reggel keresek bankokat."
And in this case "gyakran" indeed belongs with "reggel". And "bankokat" is not emphasized anymore.
I guess the point is that "gyakran", just like "often", tends to refer to what follows it immediately. And we don't break that relationship without a good reason.

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