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"האמן הולך לבית הקולנוע כל שבוע."

Translation:The artist goes to the cinema every week.

September 12, 2016



Without some context, using "is going" with "every week" is not possible


Always watch out for a claim that something "is not possible". In this case, Stan's logic is backwards. In the absence of any context to the contrary, an appropriate context cannot be excluded.


Why isn't 'to the movies' accepted? I would never say 'cinema'.


The sentence wouldn't be used in daily Hebrew either. The combination בית קולנוע can be synonymous with קולנוע when you're saying "going to the movies". However, if someone told me הולך לבית הקולנוע it would seem like an emphasis on the building (בית־), so I might understand it as going to the cinema building but not to see a movie—or think the speaker insists on using "high Hebrew" even though in this case there is no difference.


What is high hebrew ?


Just a term to describe sophisticated/flowery Hebrew, or a modern Hebrew infused with many old/ancient Hebrew words. It's not an official term or anything.


Just a note of general interest: in Australia we often (I'd even say usually) say 'go to the pictures'. It should be accepted if anyone uses it.

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