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"Sok turista érkezik Amerikából Magyarországra."

Translation:Many tourists arrive from America in Hungary.

September 12, 2016



The better sentence in English is: Many tourists from America arrive in Hungary. But it's marked wrong...even if you say arrive 'to Hungary.'


Or "... in Hungary from America" ?

I just noticed something:

When I arrive IN America, you say "Welcome TO America!"
When you arrive TO Hungary, I say "Welcome IN Hungary!"

I mean literally, of course.

"Megérkezel MagyarországRA, és azt mondom, hogy "Isten hozott MagyarországON!"


What's the literal translation of "Isten hozott"? God... something. :)

Also, while I'm at it, what is the role of "azt" in that sentence?


"God brought you".

"... azt mondom, hogy ... " is a construction in Hungarian. Here, "azt" is an indicator of the upcoming clause. It is similar to how English can say
" ... what I am saying is that ... "


"Arrive" is a very unnatural verb to use in a sentence like this in English. The sense requires "travel" or "go." Does the Hungarian sentence with "érkezik" sound just as good as it would if "utaz" or "megy" had been the verb, or does "érkezik" sound weird in this sentence in Hungarian, too?


It sounds just fine in Hungarian.
Let's see, how does this sound: millions of tourists arrive in New York every year. Is it weird? Or does it only turn weird if I also add the departure location? Millions of tourists from Europe arrive in New York every year. Maybe a bit weird.
I guess it is weirdest if I attach the departure location to the verb "arrive". That is, if I say "arrive from Europe". Right? This is kind of weird.
But it is perfectly fine in Hungarian: "... érkezik Amerikából" - no problem at all.
"Most érkeztem Magyarországról." - I have just arrived/come from Hungary.


I wrote: many tourists come from America to Hungary, which I think sounds far better in English that the "correct" solution.


I've reported it and I see that bnyugat made exactly the same point 2 years ago. The computer should accept arrive to Hungary from America


I noticed that "ra" is used for Magyarországra instead of "ba" like in Parizsba. I have not seen any other example in this lesson where another country was used for arriving or moving or going "to", but several examples with cities (all with "ba" or "be"). Question: is ba used for cities and ra for countries? is there a rule?


No, I don't think so. I learned "Amerikaba" was the right ending when I lived in Hungary...I think Magyarorszagra is more of an exception and that most countries also take the -ba.


bnyugat, yes, you are totally correct! Hungarian is my native language and I cannot think of any other exceptions.


Oh, there are several exceptions, so I am not sure if it can be called an exception. This issue was discussed at several places, here are a couple:


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