"Az eladóhoz beszélek az üzletben, nem pedig a főnökhöz."

Translation:I talk to the salesperson in the store, and not to the boss.

September 12, 2016

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When this is translated from Hungarian to English, what is the difference between " I talk" and "I am talking"? Anyone?


No difference. Usually both are fine, but quite frequently only one or the other is accepted by Duo. Presumably they're adding more variations as the course develops and the items are reported.


One tends to indicate completion, while one tends to indicate an ongoing action. Hungarian makes a stronger distinction between these in the present tense. (It's a similar difference to "I ate the apple" vs "I was eating the apple".)

Frequently (as in this case) both should be accepted.


why will it not accept "shop" on this one; whereas on most others shop is acceptable?


It's not yet added. Just keep reporting~


What is difference between "seller "and "salesman". I already saw many sentences that you translate "eladó" to "seller ".please explain.


There is virtually no difference. It's just another translation missing. Please report it.

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