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"New languages" don't mix with the old?


After being active in Spanish. French, German, Italian and Portuguese for the last half year, I also wanted to try what you have prepared in Dutch (living in the Netherlands i welcome your initiave to offer lessons in Dutch) :-)

When switching between the "old" and the "new" languages there appears to be a disconnect regarding the profiles on either side.

There is for example no badge added to the old profile and this evening also the word count in my Spanish was reset.

Is this because the "new languages" are in pilot? Or is this profile separation not supposed to happen? Maybe I overlooked some messages in the past?

Kind regards, Jeroen.

February 9, 2014



It's because the interface changes language. You'll also notice that there are different languages you can discuss about in the discussion main menu. If you go back to the language menu and chose Spanish, then it should be back to normal.


OK, thanks. I get it now. It means you can start taking courses from all different (main menu) languages. I think that Dutch - Spanish and Dutch - French will be very popular as soon as they become available.


Personally, I just hope German - Dutch or English - Dutch will come out before August, 'cause then I'll visit a friend in the Netherlands and I'd like to be able to say a few basic words.

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