"Is he a student or a teacher?"

Translation:Ő diák vagy tanár?

September 12, 2016

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I'm never quite clear on when (and where) to use "van". Why can't I say "Ő van egy diák vagy egy tanár"?


When you describe the subject ("smart", "beautiful", "is a student", etc.), you do NOT use "van". When you are talking about its location or state, you do use "van".


In some cases you can't use "van". Because it's already declared in the sentence. Few examples:

Ő egy okos ember - He's a clever man.

Ő a tanárom. - She's my teacher.

Ők nagyon ügyesek - They're very smart.

Önök a legjobb barátaim. - You're ( you formal plural ) my best friends.

Ön egy jó ember. - You're ( you formal singlar ) a good man.


Ti vagytok a legjobb barátaim. - You're ( you informal plural ) my best friends.

Te egy kedves ember vagy. - You're ( you informal singular) a kind person.

( Neki ) van egy kutyája - He has a dog.

( Nekik ) van egy kocsijuk. - They have a car.

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