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"A nagy fekete autó elhalad az iskola előtt."

Translation:The big black car is passing by in front of the school.

September 12, 2016



Why do you have to include "by" in the translation? I omitted it, and my answer was rejected. In English, it's pretty much the same thing.


If you say it's a valid translation (I'm not sure, but I'm not an English native), you should propose it.


I too did not include "by" because in current English we don't use it. Still, I rather do like the old fashioned-ness of incuding it.


The use of "by" in the sentence doesn't sound old fashioned to me, it just sounds awkward and redundant. I don't mind Duolingo's awkward English and even prefer it when it better expresses the full meaning of the Hungarian sentence. In this case however, I don't think "by" adds anything.


There is definitely movement here. So why not " a nagy fekete auto elhalad az iskola elé" ?


This car is currently in front of the school, and is moving along in front of the school. (Perhaps we are watching it go by from the window of the school).

Az iskola elé would be useful for something that has moved (or is moving) to a position in front of the school, from somewhere not in front of the school.


Yes, absolutely. A movement can happen to/at/from a location. I can run to the school, run at the school and run home from the school. Or "to in front of", "in front of" and "from in front of", the school.


Moves by in front of the school wasn't accepted. The computer has reached a very picky phase and it's not helping.


The word ‘school’ was not available to select


I tried something like five different perfectly cromulent translations before I hit upon the particular word combination it wanted. Of course, the particular word combination it wanted turned out to be one I rejected out of hand for being totally unnatural in English.

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