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"I have already eaten this apple yesterday."

Translation:כבר אכלתי את התפוח הזה אתמול.

September 12, 2016



Why אכלתי? I didn't understand this form.


First person singular past form of אכל.


Yes, but why the letter "כ" chaf is here? In the notes, there is no that form. Moreover, the first person singular past only justify the use of the suffix "תי", as in the notes. I'll remain to research about this topic.


The כ is one of the three root letters of the verb אכל. The first person past tense for regular verbs in the Pa'al binyan is סססתי (where I have used ססס for the root letters), so in this case it becomes אכלתי. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot Julian, sometimes I have these doubts and I don't get to find a plausible explanation. I'm training hebrew a lot to get understanding some difficult topics.

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