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"Az olasz lekiabál az utcára."

Translation:The Italian woman shouts down onto the street.

September 12, 2016



No shouting onto a street is not grammatically correct. Onto implies physical contact. A shout is not considered physical (even if the shock wave of air is).


Agree with Dr Virag - she's leaning out her apartment window and shouting down at her friend on the street.


For what it's worth, I would say shouts down into the street.


No, shouts down to the street. Onto would mean she moves there herself, which is not what happens when you shout.


I think you will find this is another one of those differences between English speakers and "American" English speakers. both "to" and "onto" would be acceptable depending on where you came from.


Which is presumably why Viviane didn't suggest using "onto", she suggested "into". Which makes sense, because shouting down into the street is a perfectly normal thing to do, while shouting down onto the street sets off all my grammatical WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG alarms.


Sorry but as an English speaker from England I am finding quite a few of the translations very difficult. The woman would shout down to someone on the street but as previously mentioned to shout down onto the street is not English!


Not even here in the states, either! :D


What does the English sentence mean?


It makes sense in English. I would understand it as the woman (perhaps she's on the third floor) shouting down to the people at street level. I could be wrong, but that's how I would understand it.


The Italian woman's big voice made the guy run to the street.


:-))) It looks like it.


Onto the street is rejected, although it sounds better to me.


"Shouting down onto the street" sounds pretty weird to me (native US English speaker). I was happy that it accepted "Shouting down to the street," which sounds normal to me.

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