"The total votes."

Translation:Το σύνολο των ψήφων.

September 12, 2016

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"Οι συνολικοί ψήφοι" is incorrect as an alternative answer, because "ψήφος" is a feminine noun. "Οι συνολικές ψήφοι" should be accepted instead.


Agreed but I would like to add that ψήφος is used (abusively maybe) as masculine.


Come on my friend, I expected a better answer from a contributor. This is totally incorrect. The only abusive thing here is that this "mistake" made me repeat the test!!


I was not a contributor back then, my friend. I was talking from the outside and stated that I agreed with you, but that the sentence was not completely wrong (ie there was a reason behind the masculine ο ψήφος) according to what I see now, only οι συνολικές is accepted.


My bad, bro.. I didn't have time for Duolingo the whole semester and I just saw the answer! Καλή συνέχεια!


There was no των το to put to mskw the sentence??

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