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Merge or transfer accounts

So, my long-term sub set up students and classes several weeks ago using her email. I changed the sub's username and email to be my own (to my personal gmail account). But before doing so, I had started my own account to explore DuoLingo and used my work email. Now, I'd like to change the original account (the one with the students and classes already set up) to be my work email. I'd like students to see my work email, not my personal. Is there a way to merge these accounts or delete the one but transfer the classes to my work email? Please help!

September 12, 2016



No, you cannot merge or transfer accounts. Sorry :(


I keep two separate accounts, one for work and one for home. I don't want the kids to see my personal email, or my forum posts, or to interact with me through any electronic means other than my work email.

The best thing for you to do is to change the email addresses on the accounts, so that your personal email address is associated with your language learning account, and your work email address is associated with your teaching account.


I know! That's what I want, but I have them switched (my personal email is associated with my teaching account, and my work email was once set up to my language learning account (the account has been deactivated in hopes I could switch my teaching account to my work email.) My students CAN see my personal email and I don't want that. Any ideas on how to move ahead?


1: Log into both accounts. One in your browser as normal, one in a private browsing / incognito window.

2: Go into your settings, and remove your email addresses from both accounts. Don't forget to press save.

3: Put your email addresses into both accounts.


This will allow me to change my educator account to my work email? The biggest thing is I can't loose the classes that are already set up on my personal email.

Put my work email into both accounts?


Yes. The instructions I've given you are for how to swap the email addresses between two accounts.


I am doing just as you said. I have both accounts open (split screen). One is in a regular chrome browser, another is incognito. I switch the emails and click save and the button changes from green to gray. But then I refresh the page and it hasn't saved! The emails are still incorrect and are not switched.


You've missed step two. You have to remove both your email addresses before you can put them in again. Otherwise there will be a clash, and it will fail.

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